“The boys are ready…”

Box Hill Hawks Vice-Captain Marc Lock says that last night’s Season Launch was a perfect way for the club to signal the start of the season against the Sandringham Zebras on the weekend.

“I suppose it’s the end of all our hard work in pre-season and I suppose the beginning of the season for the whole group.”

“A lot of hard work has gone in to the last four months, but now obviously with Round 1 coming up…it’s time for the real thing.”

The Box Hill Hawks’ Leadership Group for 2016 was also announced last night, with Dave Mirra to remain Captain for the upcoming season.

Sam Iles and Marc Lock will also remain Vice-Captains for 2016, and will again be joined by Liam Tobin, Tom Gordon and Mitch O’Donnell.

In addition, four new faces were added to the group, with Liam Kidd, Joseph Fisher, Patrick Lawlor and Max Warren also being voted in to the group for the first time.

Lock spoke of his thoughts on the new look group.

“I think it’s exciting. We’ve had the same Captains – Sammy (Iles), Dave (Mirra) and myself – for the last three years, so I think the new guys coming in with fresh ideas, and I suppose the link with the younger guys in the group, that’s really important.”

“I think having some younger guys in there and extending the Leadership Group is only a plus moving forward for the footy club.”

With three practice matches already completed before Saturday’s Round 1 match, Lock described how the group couldn’t wait to show the results of all their hard work.

“I think the guys have been looking forward to it for a while. We needed those practice matches – there have been a lot of cobwebs over the past month – but I think the guys are ready to go and there’s probably no bigger test in the VFL than Sandy.”

Having already played a practice match against Sandringham, this weekend’s game looks set to be a big test for both Box Hill sides.

“They’re a strong list at the moment with their alignment with St Kilda, and they’re a healthy list as well, so I think the boys have their work cut out for them on the weekend but I think we’re definitely ready.”

“They played really well last time we played them. We learnt a lot from that game, just from the way they went about their footy, not only when they had the ball but also their defensive stuff as well. The positive for us was that we didn’t show a lot and I know the boys are ready to turn that around.”

The Box Hill Hawks take on the Sandringham Zebras in their Round 1 match this Saturday 9th April at Box Hill City Oval, with the Development game starting at 11.00am and the Seniors game at 2.00pm

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