Spread Your Wings

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We are proud to announce Budget Car and Truck Rental as a sponsor of the Spread Your Wings program for 2022. Thank you to Paul and Matt Wheelton for the support.


The Box Hill Hawks VFL team provides a high-class sporting environment for young players to continue to develop their footballing craft. It is a tradition that stretches back to 1951 when the club played its first ever games in the VFA. For so many players it has been a starting point in their life to go onto bigger and better things. Whilst playing good footy is important it is not the only thing that the game can do for young players. There is so much more to football than just getting a kick.

The Spread Your Wings Program will see Box Hill players placed in an enrichment program that aims for them to become not just good footballers but also good people. And quite possibly in years to come those young players will be driving their cars along Whitehorse Road, past City Oval and say, “I played football there.”


A foundation stone is laid at a ceremony to celebrate the beginning of construction of a building. The five foundation stones for the Spread Your Wings Program are:


During pre-season a small group of Spread Your Wings boys visited the Shrine of Remembrance. They listened to stories about the landing of Gallipoli that was won by Captain Robert Grieve in 1917.

The Spread Your Wings Program aims to contribute to the Good Friday Appeal in a sustainable and impactful way. In 2022, we continue to support the appeal by having our players take a tin home and “shake it.”

is month we also celebrate Mother’s Day, by hosting a “Celebrating Mother’s Day” dinner for players and staff, alongside their mothers in recognition of the important role our players and their family play at the club.

In June, boys who are a part of the Spread Your Wings program participate in activities such as the First Nations MCG walk and talk, learning about multiculturalism signature dishes, taking part in National Reconciliation week, as well as help run a soup kitchen.

In July, the Community Foundation stone includes several activities where the Spread Your Wings boys will visit a Junior Football Club, learn about the Red Cross Blood Bank, organ donation and lifeline, as well as visit a Community Group of choice.

Our players also take pride in ways they can give back to the Community, where many of them are proud to coach at a local club or NAB league club. Ed Phillips (pictured to the right) is the assistant coach at the Oakleigh Chargers.

In August, the Spread Your Wings boys reflect on goals they set out at the beginning of the year, reflect on the football season that has passed and complete a range of activities on setting up success, measuring success and on mental health and mindfulness.

2022 Spread Your Wings Awards

Each week, the Spread Your Wings Program rewards a player with a ‘Gold Standards’ jumper that they wear at training, in recognition of their efforts on and off the field. Award winners below.

Jack Hume

Round 1

Cayden Maki

Round 2

Will Sexton

Round 3

Mason Hawkins

Round 5

Max Hall & Charlie Beasley

Round 6

James O’Connor

Round 7

Hugh Beasley & Mason Hawkins

Round 8

Harry Banfield

Round 9

Cal Porter

Round 10

Cayden Maki & Fergus Greene

Round 12

Luis D’Angelo

Round 14

Lachlan Wynd

Round 15

Campbell Tweedie

Round 16

Clint Proctor

Round 17

Cal Porter

Round 18