Strength & Wellbeing Program Week 4

Note: in light of new Stage 4 lockdown restrictions imposed on Victoria we ask those completing this program do so responsibly.

It is our hope that during these hard times they keep you active and motivated. Fortunately, they have been designed in a way that can be completed in line with government guidelines. 

Should you have any questions about the program don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our social media channels.

Week four of Jack McLean’s strength and wellbeing program is about taking strong strides forward on the back of the work we’ve already done and bringing one-hundred percent focus and intensity to your workouts. 

Jack, our Head of Performance, has developed two running programs that chart a course for your training over a six-week block, with both designed to keep you active and get you moving with purpose.

The first caters for all fitness levels, whilst the second has been built to closely mirror the plans he provides our players; the latter would be ideal for any footballer looking to use lockdown and the pre-season to increase their running power.

Coupled with our Workout Wednesday exercises – available via our social channels – and Jack’s weekly strength and wellbeing challenge, the program operates as a fully holistic training plan.

If you haven’t begun the program, weeks onetwo and three are available via the attached links.

In introducing week four, Jack promises a challenging structure.

“This particular block of training will be at the highest all-round intensity of any of the six weeks,” he said.

“If you’ve been completing one of the programs you’ll know the work you’ve got behind you sets up what’s in front of you. This week the test will be both physical and mental as we ramp up the intensity.

“As such it’s all about work rate, focus, determination and maintaining a strong mentality day in, day out.”

With an increase in intensity comes added responsibility, as Jack explains.

“When the intensity escalates our messages remain the same: listen to your body.

“We want to get through these plans with a strong body and mindset, and we achieve neither if you overextend.

Week four’s strength and wellbeing challenge is to eat no junk food.

Program One


50 burpees for time


*3×4 x 300m (80%), every 2min (4min walk between sets)


Workout Wednesday – this week’s exercise available via our social channels


*3 x 4 mins Threshold, 3- 4mins jog/walk recovery


Rest day


*Hills 10 x @ 90% walk back + 30sec rest


Rest day


Program Two


Day one

5 mins jog
2 sets of: [4x30sec hills @ 85% (60sec jog + 60sec walk) > 10 mins of 30s run/15sec walk post-session

Day two

10 min run drills + mobility +
5 sets of: [20sec effort @ 85% > 40sec effort @ 75% > 60 sec

effort @ 70% (jog back recovery / 2 mins between sets)] 5 mins of 30s run/10sec walk post-session

Day three

10 mins jog & running drills
SHUTTLES: 3x90m @80% (30/30/30) > 3x40m @85% (20 out 20 back) > 3x20m @90% (10 out 10 back)

10 min jog post-session


Jack McLean is the Box Hill Hawks’ Head of Performance. For more information about Jack’s programs visit

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