Box Hill Launch Strength & Wellbeing Program

Box Hill Hawks are pleased to announce a pair of six-week strength and wellbeing programs to assist Victorians through the current lockdown period.

Designed by Jack McLean, our Head of Performance, program one is built to be an all-inclusive program and can be completed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Program two, meanwhile, has been tailored specifically for our playing staff, which makes it ideal for any footballer looking to build or maintain their fitness during the off-season with a view to on-field application once football returns.  

Each Sunday you’ll be provided with the coming week’s program, as well as a weekly health and wellbeing challenge.   

“Week one is designed as an introduction back into training,” McLean said.

“It’s very much a feel-good week in which we’re encouraging you to move each day to get yourself into a rhythm both mentally and physically.

“However, an important part of returning to training or beginning a new program is to not push too hard too early. Week one is about limiting fatigue and listening to your body.

“The early stages of any workout plan are to prepare yourself for the weeks ahead and this is what we’re doing this week.”

Paired with our ‘Workout Wednesday’ training activities, which are available via our social channels weekly, Jack’s program will get you moving and give your training the structure used by our footballers to achieve the best results possible.

“Don’t feel as though the day-by-day exercises outlined are non-negotiable, or that the schedule is inflexible. ” McLean said.

“The crucial part of this week’s program is ensuring you get two runs in. You complete them when you can.

“Critically, whether you’re undertaking program one or two, be sure to warm up prior to and cool down after every session, it’s not glamorous but it is important.”

Jack will be available for a live Q+A via our Instagram channel each Monday at 6pm to set up the coming week and answer any questions you might have about the program and your progress.  

Happy training!

Week one’s health and wellbeing challenge is no alcohol and to move every day.

Program One

Monday Rest day
Tuesday 20-35 mins running at an easy pace
Wednesday Workout Wednesday – this week’s exercise available via our social channels
  • 6 x 800m run at 80% pace
  • 200m easy jog for recovery
  • 4 x 150m at 70%
Friday Rest day
Saturday 20-35 mins running at an easy pace
Sunday Rest day

Program Two

Day one
  • 2 x 5 mins of 30 seconds running into 30 seconds walking
  • 5 minute kick of the footy between sets
Day two repeat day one with an extra set
Day three 20-45 minute walk


For more information about Jack’s programs visit

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