A Game of Firsts for Langford Brothers

Box Hill’s first practice match of the season against the Northern Blues on Saturday not only saw Lachlan Langford play his first Senior VFL game of footy, but also saw the Langford brothers play their first game of football together.

Racking up a total of 34 disposals between them, both Will and Lachie had a great first hit-out for the 2016 season.

Speaking after the match, Lachie spoke of what it was like playing his first Senior game with his brother.

“It was good to be out there with him. I didn’t have too much to do with him to be honest, he was playing in the midfield kicking it forward and I was down back.”

“Obviously being at Hawthorn with him I train with him day in, day out, so I’m somewhat used to being on the field with him. But in saying that, it’s still fairly exciting to be out there for the first time with him and my first Seniors game as well.”

Both brothers being on Hawthorn’s list, the pair are used to spending a lot of time on the training track together. However, Will was keen to point out that he wants to help Lachie find his own identity as a player and that they generally keep their footy stuff pretty separate from each other.

“I know when I first started, because our old man had played as well, he sort of kept his distance just to let me find my own feet and make my own way a little bit without feeling like there’s any expectation or comparison. So I suppose with Lach I try to make sure I give him his space to develop on his own and just be known as Lachie.

As Lachie’s first game of Senior VFL football, this was the next step for him in his development as an AFL footballer.

“The overarching goal of the whole pre-season has been to establish myself as a Seniors player. It’s a bit of a step up so the skill wasn’t necessarily at the level you would expect. I thought defensively I was alright but obviously I’m still learning the game.”

“I’ve been given the opportunity to play Seniors so I don’t really want to let that go so hopefully I just hold my spot and do what needs to be done.”

For Will, he was just happy to be back out playing again and feeling fit.

“It was my first game in a long time so the first half just my rhythm and flow of the game, maybe I was a little bit off. I was getting in amongst it but I thought I was a fair bit better in the second half, particularly with my work around the stoppages. Just my timing and reacting and everything to do with the play was a bit quicker so that was good.”

“It was also the fittest I’ve felt in the first game of the year in a little while so that’s really promising for me. I think I got about 85% of game time, which was really pleasing. I felt like my energy was good and don’t feel like I’m too far off.”

“I’m probably a couple of weeks behind the other boys who have played games so it’s just getting some game time in to my legs and hopefully put a hand up for Round 1 in the AFL side.”

Whilst at varying points in their careers, both Will and Lachie are looking forward to continuing to work hard to progress their development. A journey that will sure to be followed by many.

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