VFLW Round 7 Team: Exciting Line-up Awaits the Bulldogs

Box Hill is gearing up to welcome four new faces to the line-up for its Round 7 clash against the Western Bulldogs this Sunday.

The side is set to play with 10 AFLW players, with three making their Box Hill debut. 

The new additions include AFLW players Bridget Deed, Tilly Lucas-Rodd, Sophie Butterworth and will be joined by VFLW listed player Mia Zielinski, who will be playing her first match in the brown and gold.

Coming out from the side who faced the Swans are AFLW listed players Bridie Hipwell and Emily Everist, while Annabelle Embelton, Teagan Bradley and Taylah Canobie have all been named as emergencies for this match. 

See the full team below

Round 7 Team

Box Hill Hawks V Western Bulldogs

Sunday 5 May

2:30pm AEST, Fenjiu Stadium

 B: 68. E. Butler, 16. A. Kemp

HB: 20. L.Elliott, 96. M. Williamson, 85. T. Lucas-Rodd 

C: 87. H. McLaughlin, 32. C. Thorne, 88. L. Stone

HF: 92. S. Butterworth, 9. C. Baskaran, 21. S. Locke

F: 40. T. Luke, 45. J. Matin

R: 63. P. Pavic 60. R. Dillon, 15. B. Deed, 

INT: 35. E. McLinden, 38. M. Van Berkel, 48. T. Cattle, 50. M. Zielinski, 42. D. Spamer

EMG: 84. T. Canobie, 72. M. Lee, 43. T. Bradley, 52. G. Barber, 61. A. Embelton 

In: 15. B. Deed, 18. T. Lucas-Rodd, 28. S. Butterworth, 50. M. Zielinski, 20. L. Elliott

Out: 19. B. Hipwell, 25. E. Everist, 73. A. Molesworth 84. T. Canobie (emg), 43. T. Bradley (emg), 61. A. Embelton (emg)

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