VFLW Match Report: Hawks fall short to Swans

The Hawks were unable to soar to victory against the Swans in Round 5, suffering a 63-point loss. The defeat marks the first of the season for Box Hill.

Sydney came out of the blocks with intensity, with the Hawks struggling to get the ball into their forward half. The Swans put Box Hill’s defence under an immense amount of pressure with consistent forward 50 entries going their way.

Box Hill’s effort was prevalent, but the inability to capitalise on forward 50 entries saw the first scoreless quarter of the season for the Hawks, entering the first break down by 27.

The Hawks’ defence was put under pressure again in the second term, with Sydney being able to dominate around the ground again.

Paula Pavic’s goal saving mark in the goal square helped to keep Box Hill competitive against a commanding Swans side.

Sophie Locke was able to score the Hawks’ first goal midway through the second, entering the main break with a 37-point deficit.

Box Hill was once again put under strain as the Swans continued their momentum in the third. However, the pace and intensity had noticeably switched for the Hawks after half time, creating a spark amongst the playing group.

Mikayla Williamson was able to produce a goal saving smother in the third, displaying her athleticism and defensive brilliance.

Box Hill’s second goal of the day came from AFLW forward Bridie Hipwell, booting the ball from 35 metres out.

Notibly, the actions from AFLW midfielder Charlotte Baskaran aided the Hawks in keeping efforts high in the third. Baskaran’s clearance work and clean disposals were on full display.

Pavic was able to score her first goal in the VFLW, snapping a crafty shot early in the fourth quarter.

However, Sydney continued with the momentum for the remainder of the fourth and ultimately defeated Box Hill on the day.

Box Hill will now set its sights on next Sunday’s game against the Western Bulldogs, commencing at 2:30pm.

Box Hill                         0.0       1.0       2.0         3.1        (19)      

Sydney Swans          4.3       6.7       11.8      12.10   (82)

Best: Spamer, McLaughlin, Baskaran, Locke, Stone

Goals: Locke, Hipwell, Pavic

Disposals: McLaughlin (17), Baskaran (17), Spamer (15), Thorne (13), Stone (11)

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