Results of AGM & Board Composition

The Box Hill Hawks Board have appointed new Co-Vice Presidents as a result of the AGM last week. 

Ed Sill resumes his role of President for 2022, after many years on the Box Hill Board. Joining him as Co-Vice Presidents are David Schwarz and Carli Barnes, who is the first female to hold the position in the club’s history. 

The rest of the Board is made up of Rob McCartney, John Ure, Wayne Birney, Josh Vanderloo and the Hon Jeffrey Kennett AC. 

Sill spoke highly of the new Co-Vice Presidents.

“David’s been a Board member for three years now and he’s displayed a lot of passion for the football club.

“David’s got a strong sense of what it means when the strong club feel is radiated outwards. Hence, he makes a great appointment and will bring with him not only the skillset, but the passion required to deliver on that,” Sill said. 

“Carli is a newer member to the Board having joined us about mid-way through last year. We’re really thrilled to have her on board. 

Sill said the lack of diversity on the Board has been an oversight for many years now. 

“It’s great to have that corrected and corrected with a person with such great skills. We certainly didn’t want a piece of tokenism in appointing our first female board member or our first female Vice-President, it’s very much based on the skillset that Carli brings.”

Box Hill 2022 Co-Vice President, Carli Barnes was unaware that her appointment was making history. “I didn’t realise, that’s pretty cool isn’t it. 

“I’ve quite often worked in fairly male dominated areas, I’ve often been one of one, or one of a few women in the room so I’m comfortable with that, but I guess it’s cool to be the first. 

“There’s that mantra of ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’ so it’s nice to have people in these positions to show anything’s possible and people can look at different options.”

Barnes has always been a Hawks fan, so she jumped at the opportunity to join the board last year. 

“I’ve really enjoyed getting involved and learning about Box Hill running as a club, the strategy, how it all works and trying to get more sponsors, people and community through the door. Having the opportunity to step up and be the Vice President obviously contributes to that.”

Box Hill Hawks 2022 Co-Vice President, David Schwarz said he was looking for a little more responsibility in this new role after having been on the board since 2019. 

“I think I can help with the direction of the club. I predominately look after the sponsorship area of the club, and I think obviously we want to build the wealth of the club and the revenues, I think I’m well suited to be able to assist the club with that. 

Box Hill is special to Schwarz because he said he sees it as an extension of Hawthorn. “I’m very passionate about Hawthorn and therefore very passionate about Box Hill. I think the alignment is the best alignment in the AFL and therefore if I can assist Box Hill, I think I’m effectively assisting Hawthorn.”

The Co-Vice Presidents were in agreement about their hopes for the 2022 season. Firstly, that there is a full, uninterrupted season and for both on and off field success, which they believe the club is primed for.  

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