Development Team Record Biggest Win of the Season

The Box Hill Hawks Development team recorded a 130-point win over the Williamstown Seagulls at Box Hill City Oval yesterday, in what was their most consistent game of football this season.

Leading at every major change, the Hawks increased their pressure and intensity in every quarter, resulting in an 11 goal final term.

With an even first quarter, only seven points separated the two teams. Taking 12 minutes for Box Hill to score their first goal, the team struggled to convert entries into their forward 50 into scoring shots.

The second term saw an improvement in the ball use by the Hawks. Julian Soccio and Marc Lock moved the ball well out of the defensive 50 and through the middle, whilst Nick Evans and Luke Surman were influential around the contest.

The second half of the match saw Box Hill really dominate and was reflected on the scoreboard, with the Hawks kicking an impressive 19 goals to Williamstown’s two.

Connor O’Sullivan and Luke Surman allowed Box Hill first use of the ball with 29 and 26 hit-outs respectively. Pressure on the ball carrier was outstanding, with the Hawks more than doubling Williamstown’s tackles, 67 to 32.

Box Hill were relentless in their pursuit for the four-points up for grabs, and what resulted was a consistent four-quarter effort from the entire team.

Julian Soccio spoke to after the match about the win.

“The focus going into the game was about having a four-quarter effort and I think we achieved that.”

“Another focus for us was about honest effort and just making sure that we were putting pressure on the opposition. We had 25-plus goals for the day so it was really good to see us put some scoreboard pressure on them.”


Box Hill:    4.2 9.6 17.7 28.11 (179)

Williamstown: 3.3 5.5 6.7 7.7 (49)


Box Hill: L. Langford 4, J. Firns 4, M. Lock 3, B. Kilpatrick 2, N. Evans 2, S. Gibson 2, L. Kidd 2, B. McIntyre 2, M. Burt , J. Soccio, L. Surman, J. Kidd

Williamstown:  T. Curtis, N. Sing, C. Buykx-Smith, T. Davies, J. Webb, J. Chisari, N. Ebinger


Box Hill: M. Lock 37, L. Kidd 29, L. Cox 27, N. Evans 26, B. McIntyre 26

Williamstown: N. Sing 23, J. Chisari 23, M. Norton 21, C. Sullivan 18


Box Hill: M. Lock, N. Evans, J. Firns, L. Cox, L. Jeffs, L. Langford

Williamstown:  C. Sullivan, N. Sing, L. Griffiths, M. Norton, B. Monk, L. McMahon


Photo: Jenny Owens Photography

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