Round 10 Team: O’Sullivan Makes Debut

This week Connor O’Sullivan will make his debut in our Round 10 match against the Northern Blues this Saturday at Box Hill City Oval.

Following Anthony Brolic’s debut last week, O’Sullivan becomes the 13th Box Hill player to make the jump to Senior footy this year. After showing some consistent form in the Development side, O’Sullivan has earned his call-up.

With Hawthorn-listed players Marc Pittonet and Angus Litherland on AFL duties this week, we see a number of inclusions to the VFL team. Nick Evans, Tom Gordon, Marc Lock, Joseph Fisher and Sam Switkowski join the team.

This week we play our second home game in a row, with the Development team kicking off at 11.00am and the Seniors at 2.00pm.


B 42. T Miles 30. K Brand 1. D Mirra
HB 23. J Walker 34. K Heatherley 65. J Lewis
C 70. D Willsmore 63. J O’Rourke 61. B Whitecross
HF 37. B Hardwick 12. C Jones 31. Z Webster
F 66. L Langford 9. J Summers 7. S Iles
R 19. C O’Sullivan 5. M Warren 36. K Lovell
Int 13. N Evans 2. M Lock 24. S Switkowski
6. J Soccio 21. J Fisher 15. T Gordon
20. P Lawlor 11. L Kidd
23P 48. A Brolic


B 43. S Horner 15. T Gordon 21. J Fisher
HB 8. A Bond 49. J Firns 16. L Williams
C 2. M Lock 13. N Evans 6. J Soccio
HF 20. P Lawlor 46. X Dimasi 27. S Smith
F 50. L Cavanagh 38. L Surman 11. L Kidd
R 44. J Nolan 29. S Gibson 24. S Switkowski
Int 58. L Jeffs 14. M Traynor 60. R Sheridan-Ferrie
52. B Mcintyre 51. L Cox 28. J Sandric
33. D Hehir 54. B Batty 47. B Kilpatrick
25. R Monkhorst 22. M Burt 3. W Murphy
55. J Kidd


Photo: Jenny Owens Photography

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