“I’m up for the challenge and I’m loving it…”

2016 has been a successful year for Jordan Walker in regards to his football. After earning a last minute call-up to the Senior team in Round 4, he has been working hard to ensure he is consistently improving and playing his role within the team.

“The first couple of games were really quick and then the third and fourth game I started adjusting and worked into being more attacking. I feel like I’m getting there.”

“Early on I was playing on the Wing and then the last couple of weeks I’ve been given a few different roles. I just have to adjust and when it’s my turn to play a certain role I just have to adapt to it.”

“It’s good playing Seniors. I love it. It’s a lot more physical but you’ve just got to be up for it and prepare yourself and I’m up for the challenge and I’m loving it.”

Playing his junior football at Donvale before playing two years at the Eastern Ranges, Walker has enjoyed his move to the Box Hill Hawks, especially because of the his favourite football team.

“I’m a Hawthorn supporter. It’s awesome to have the connection here at Box Hill. I looked up to players like Whitey (Brendan Whitecross) and Will Langford and they’re guys I now get to play with. It’s every kid’s dream really.”

Starting with AusKick at age 10, Walker says his parents were very big supporters right from the start.

“Mum drove me to every training session and Dad came to every game. Dad was even my Assistant Coach for a couple of years.”

Since coming to the Box Hill Hawks, Walker has formed a great relationship with the coaching staff.

“PK (Senior Assistant Coach Paul Kennedy) has been a huge influence. We regularly catch up and chat about how I can improve my game and what I can do to keep my position in the Senior team.”

Walker has a very particular routine before taking to the ground to play.

“I have to lay all my clothes out the night before – what I’m wearing to the game and what I’m wearing at the game.”

“Then on game day I try not to get out on to the ground until we go out for our warm-up. I also don’t put my boots on until we go into our pre-game meeting.”

“I don’t really mind what music is on before a game. I like listening to whatever the boys put on. Just any type of banger.”

Although Walker works full-time in an office job, football is where his passion lies.

After making great strides with his game in the first half of the season, the remainder of Walker’s season is sure to show just as much improvement.


Photo: Jenny Owens

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