Bond Relishing Third Season At Box Hill

It’s Aaron Bond’s third year now at the Box Hill Hawks and he is still relishing every game.

“I’m really enjoying my footy at Box Hill this year. I think I’ve been fairly consistent which is good but I still obviously have lots of improvement to make.”

“I think defensively playing off half-back has been really good for me, but I definitely think I’ve really improved the attacking side to my football this year. I know I still have to develop this area but I feel like I’ve really made progress this season.”

Playing his junior football at the Rowville Hawks, Bond hasn’t been the only player to make the transition to Box Hill.

“Matt Traynor and Anthony Brolic played their footy at Rowville as well. I even played with Chris Jones for a year at Rowville so I knew a couple of the boys before we were all at Box Hill.”

However, there is another player that has made the greatest impact on Bond’s time at Box Hill.

“I know it’s probably a standard answer but Miz (Captain David Mirra) is a standout. He’s a great leader – probably one of the best leaders I’ve ever been under. Particularly in my first year he really got around me and just showed me the ropes. He’s been really good.”

Starting AusKick at the age of five, Bond says it was simply his passion for the game that drove him to start playing.

“I loved it. Dad grew up playing soccer though so I think he tried to push me into that but I just wanted to play footy and had mates that played it. I just loved it.”

“I’m an Essendon supporter and so is my whole family. I actually got my family to become Bombers fans. Dad didn’t really follow footy much so one year I decided to pick a team and they were on top of the ladder so I chose Essendon.”

Bond’s family are his biggest supporters of his football and is demonstrated by his Mum’s dedication to making sure she is at every one of his matches.

“Mum without a doubt is the biggest supporter of my footy. She will never miss a game. Mum sometimes works night shifts as she’s a nurse but even if she hasn’t slept at all the night before she will still be at my game. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t missed a game ever.”

Outside of his football, Bond dedicates his time to his University studies.

“I’m currently still at Flinders University studying Osteopathy. I’m halfway through at the moment.”

“I actually wanted to study Physiotherapy but I had a mate who was studying Osteopathy while I was still in high school. He spoke to me about it and I just took interest and looked into it a bit more and then just decided I wanted to do that instead.”

Bond’s continual improvement is holding him in good stead for a successful 2016 season and his journey is sure to be watched by many.


Photo: Jenny Owens Photography

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