Crocker: Exciting Start to 2015

Beginning football as an Under 9 year old at Balwyn Tiger’s, Sam Crocker soon realised his passion and love of the game.

At 15 Crocker moved to Canterbury Cobra’s where he played predominately through the midfield and on the wing. From there he was drafted to the Oakleigh Chargers.

“I was drafted to the Oakleigh Chargers when I was 16 and went on to play there as a senior in the Under 18’s side,” said Crocker.

“When I was in the Under 18’s team we had a pretty good side, we had a lot of blokes drafted. We had coaches like Lenny Hayes and Daniel Giansiracusa, so that was amazing, I learnt a fair bit from them.”

In 2010 at age 18, Crocker was drafted to St Kilda Football Club. He was there for 2011 and 2012, playing predominately for Sandringham.

In 2013 Crocker was unfortunately delisted from the St Kilda Football Club’s list, but fortunately the Box Hill Hawks were able to pick him up.

Coming into the Box Hill team was an easy transition for Crocker who said many of his friends he had played with before, were already in the side.

“When you come to Box Hill, you soon realise how elite the club is, there is a huge feeling of professionalism with the alignment with Hawthorn Football Club.”

The Hawks captain David Mirra has helped many of the younger players’ transition into the team, helping guide and teach the players what he knows about the sport.

“I like to do a lot of work with David Mirra because he plays in the back line and that is the position I’m currently playing.”

“Mirra is a very experienced defender, probably one of the best in the VFL, so it’s a good opportunity for me to learn off him.”

Crocker now in his third year with Box Hill, began this season in the senior side and hopes to stay there for the year.

“Previously through the break in the off seasons I had been going away, last year I was in America. This off season I stayed home and made my main focus football, I came into pre season a lot fitter,” said Crocker.

“My goal is definitely to keep my spot in the senior side each week.”

Crocker believes the talent of the players in the VFL is due to not only the physical ability of players but also their awareness on the field.

“I suppose the biggest difference with VFL to local footy is a combination of skills, athleticism and decision making. You have to be able to read the play and make smart decisions quickly.”

Crocker offered some advice for anyone coming into a VFL club for the first time or anyone trying to crack the senior team…

“Play your natural game, don’t go into your shell, do what you know you can do and don’t be afraid. There was a reason you were picked!”

With the hopes of making finals this year, the Hawks are off to a great start, heading into Round 6 this weekend with three wins.

Catch the Hawks at Trevor Barker Beach Oval, this Sunday 2pm, against Sandringham.


Photo Credit Jenny Owens

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