Mynott: “I love it.”

On Saturday Box Hill had its first win of the pre-season defeating Casey by 49 points at Casey Fields.

New recruit Trent Mynott said it was a confidence-boosting hit-out from the team, as the Hawks led for the duration of the game.

“The boys were really good,” Mynott said.

 “I only played the last three quarters, but I came on and really loved it.”

Saturday’s game welcomed the inclusion of a number of Hawthorn-listed players such as Finn Maginness, Dylan Moore and Harry Jones, who returned after playing Hawthorn’s practice match in Morwell the week prior.

“It went really well playing alongside the AFL boys, they really embraced us.

“I know a couple of the boys from school, so it was nice to get out and play with the likes of Moore and Jones.”

Last week, in Box Hill’s practice match against Coburg, Senior Coach Max Bailey told the players to focus on the positives and to not dwell on their mistakes, a sentiment that was once again echoed ahead of Saturday’s game against Casey.

“His message was very similar to last week – focus on what we did well.

“We had a talk after the game where we pumped up the boys who played well and who did good things.”

With the 2020 VFL season just around the corner, the 20-year-old’s goal for the coming year is simple.  

“I think my main focus for this year, personally, is improving my running ability and getting more outside ball, as I’m usually more of a contested player.”

The Hawthorn-listed players were the obvious standouts on the day with Ned Reeves particularly showing his dominance in the ruck.

“Reeves was unbelievable with his tap work,” Mynott said.

“It really helped out the midfielders like myself, Finn, Jones and Deluca.

“It made our jobs a lot easier.”

Having come across to the Hawks from Essendon’s AFL rookie list, Mynott said he’s really enjoying his time in the brown and gold. 

“I feel like I’ve been able to pick up the game plan really quickly, so it’s been really good.

“I love it.”


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