‘As a kid I always had a footy in my hand…’

At the age of four, Matt Traynor picked up his first football thanks to Auskick and since then has never put in down.

‘I’ve always loved the game and as a kid I always had a footy in my hand. I was four when I started Auskick and from there I moved to Rowville Hawks Football Club when I was seven.’

Traynor moved to Box Hill in 2015, and for the Hawthorn supporter it was a dream come true.

‘I’ve been pretty lucky to be able to come to Box Hill. Dad is a Hawthorn supporter so I’ve been around the Hawks my whole life.’

‘Both Hawthorn and Box Hill have such a great culture so I just wanted to experience that and see where it could take me. I’ve always wanted to play for Box Hill because they are one of the best clubs.’

Traynor’s hard work and determination has already paid off this season having made his Senior debut as the 23rd man in Round 3. But as a young player, there is always more to learn.

‘I’ve come into this year with a greater skill set and a lot more knowledge about the game. The structures of Box Hill are very different and there is a larger connection between the group so we are always learning from each other.’

While there is much to learn from the other boys at the club, Traynor really looks up to Hawthorn’s Sam Mitchell as inspiration.

‘Neither of us are the tallest or quickest of players. I’ve learnt a lot off Mitchell in regards to how I’m now playing footy and my ability to make good decisions under pressure. He’s been one of my idols growing up.’

Traynor doesn’t have to look too far from home to find a great support network in his everyday life.

‘My Mum has been great, always driving me to training sessions and games, making sure I get a tuna casserole the night before a game to get some carb loading in.’

‘My Dad is the one who really influenced me to play and being a Hawks fan he’s stoked I’m playing for Box Hill and my girlfriend has always been a great support.’

‘It’s great to be able to come home from hard training sessions and be able to spend time with my girlfriend. She’s pretty patient throughout the season so I tend to spoil her when I can.’

Aside from spending time with his family, Traynor enjoys spending time with his mates and a hit of golf when he can.

Studying Sports Management and working at the MCG, Traynor’s weeks are always full. But when it comes to game day, he always has one habit.

‘The only superstition I have is that I like running out last. It was a bit funny moving up to the Seniors because Teia Miles runs out last as well so I had to run out second last so I didn’t get in his way.’

‘It was great to get my first Seniors game as the 23rd man. I really enjoyed being out on the field with all the boys and hopefully there will be plenty more to come.’

Heading into this weekends bye, Traynor is looking forward to the rest so that he and the team will be ready to go when they take on Werribee in Round 6, hoping to get their fifth win of the season.




Photo credit: Jenny Owens Photography

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