Get to know: Boadie Motton

Time to Get to Know first-year Hawk, Boadie Motton!


Nickname: 2K

AFL club supported as a kid: Essendon

Best moment in Junior Footy: Winning 4 out of 5 premierships

Player from another club you’d like to watch: Charlie Curnow

Favourite AFL player of all time: Alwyn Davey

Funniest teammate: Liam Mackie

Singer/band would you like to be played at the Grand Final: Imagine Dragons

If you could swap jobs with someone who would it be: Tyceno

Pre-match superstitions: Chewing Gum

Favourite meal before a game: Spaghetti Bolognese

Favourite thing to do outside footy:Play Basketball, 2K and Graphic Design

If you won the lottery, what would be the thing you’d buy first: Tickets to an NBA game

Where’s next on your travel bucket list: United States

Your most treasured possession: Playstation 4

Favourite movie: Deadpool

Favourite TV show: Don’t really watch them, but as a kid, The Simpsons

Best concert attended: Post Malone

What you’d like to do after your footy career: Sports Physio or Graphic Design

As a footballer, how would you like to be remembered: As a welcoming and respected person, who is level headed and put everything into his career.

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