VFLW Round 4 Team: One new addition to the squad

Box Hill have added a new face to its Round 4 team, with the hopes of earning their fourth straight win of the season. Jess Cox will pull on the brown and gold for the first time and make her debut against Williamstown.

The squad will run out for Saturday’s clash with 8 AFLW listed players in the likes of Tahlia Fellows, Charlotte Baskaran, Ainslie Kemp, Bridie Hipwell, Emily Everist, Hayley McLaughlin, Laura Stone and Mikayla Williamson.

Coming out of Box Hill’s Round 3 side are Tamara Smith (24), Jenna Richardson (74) and Mackenzie Eardley (93) and Tess Cattle (48).

See the full team below


Box Hill Hawks V Williamstown

Saturday 13 April

11:00am AEST, Fenjiu Stadium

B: 35. E. McLinden, 68. E. Butler, 88. L. Stone

HB: 16. A. Kemp, 25. E. Everist

C: 9. C. Baskaran, 96. M. Williamson, 46. G. Collingwood

HF: 33. C. Davidson, 87. H. McLaughlin

F: 8. T. Fellows, 40. T. Luke, 19. B. Hipwell

R: 49. G. Matser, 42. D. Spamer, 32. C. Thorne

INT: 61. A. Embelton, 59. A. Muir, 37. J. Cox, 60. R. Dillon, 44. M. Kendall

EMG: 38. M Van Berkel, 39. J. Mourney, 63. P. Pavic, 80. E. Robins

 In: 37. Jess Cox, 35. Ellie McLinden, 68. Annabelle Embelton, 68. Eleanor Butler, 87. Hayley McLaughlin

Out: 24. Tamara Smith, 74. Jenna Richardson, 93. Mackenzie Eardley, 48. Tess Cattle

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