VFLW R12 Team: Wise and Woodford are in to take on Cats

Fresh off the bye, Box Hill will head down the highway to Geelong for our Round 12 clash. 

The team welcomes a few changes from the side that suffered a narrow defeated to Williamstown in Round 11 two weeks ago. 

Jade Wise is an inclusion to the side, taking to the field for the Hawks for the first time this season. While Erin Woodford will make her Box Hill debut against the Cats. 

We also welcome back Chloe Bailey and Monique Trusler into the line up. 

Check out the full team below. 


Box Hill v Geelong 

Saturday June 17 

12pm AEST at Deakin University 

B: 57 E. McLinden, 60 G. Matser

HB: 86 M. Van Berkel, 61 G. Collingwood, 54 J. Misfud

C: 66 M. Kendall, 59 N. von Bertouch, 64 N. Garner

HF: 81 M Trusler, 52 E. Woods, 78 C. Thorne 

F: 72 C. Bailey, 75 C. Hammans 

R: 55 C. Perera, 91 A. Peterson, 59 A.Muir

INT: 80 A. Tessari, 56 J. Wise, 53 E. Woodford, 77 M. Boyd, 68 C. Davidson

EMG: 62 B. Gray, 89 S. Brisbane, 93 D. Ryan


In: C. Bailey,  M, Trusler, J. Wise, E. Woodford

Out: G McRae, B Gray, S Humm, D Ryan

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