Teams: Round 14 v Coburg

Box Hill will travel to Coburg’s home ground Piranha Park in the hopes of a big win, in doing so, reclaiming the top spot on the Peter Jackson VFL ladder.

The Hawks have named strong sides in both competitions, with Captain David Mirra returning following an ankle injury from the Round 11 loss to Collingwood.

The Development team will get underway at 11am followed by the Seniors at 2pm.


B Miles Litherland Parsons
HB Howe Heatherley Willsmore
C Iles Simpkin Sicily
HF Woodward Tatupu Hardisty
F O’Brien Grimley Pittonet
R Ceglar O’Rourke Anderson
Int Gibson Mirra Lawlor
Williams Crocker Evans
Collins O’Donnell Gordon



B Walker Gibson Fisher
HB Gordon Mirra Collins
C Lewis Evans Langford
HF Kidd Jones Lawlor
F Franetic McEvoy Switkowski
R Monkhorst Williams O’Donnell
Int Crocker Sullivan Bond
Traynor Graham Sandric
Exon Soccio Sheridan-Ferrie
Dimasi Donoghue Murphy

Photo Credit: Jenny Owens

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