Box Hill Hawks Return to Training

There is an air of optimism among Box Hill Hawks players, coaches and staff as the club eyes a return to training in early-June.

Small group training will commence in the first week of June. Keeping to current Victorian government restrictions, small groups will rotate through the club each Saturday for outdoor group training and players have been provided with at-home programs to complete on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Box Hill Hawks Coach Max Bailey acknowledged the work of all at Box Hill Hawks to set themselves up to make the return to training as smooth as possible.

“The last ten weeks have been pretty interesting for everyone here at Box Hill. We’ve had our players in really good spirits throughout it all,” Bailey said.

“We’ve been able to navigate through time by using technology. Overall, I’ve been so pleased by the sprits of everyone and the motivation of everyone throughout this period”

“The easing of restrictions in Victoria have allowed us to do some planning to return to training. The most exciting thing about this is being able to get back together, which we’ve really missed.”

“The players and coaches are genuinely looking forward to being back at Box Hill City Oval.”

Box Hill Hawks captain Damian Mascitti emphasised the entire playing groups enthusiasm to get back to training.

“Starting next week, we’re able to train in our small groups, which is awesome, and I think everyone will be really excited to get back down to the club,” Mascitti said.

“From next week we’ll be able to build into getting the season started, we’re feeling really ready to get back to it and are more than willing to do whatever is necessary to get back to playing.”

Collaboration with the AFL and across the league has been key in making a return to training possible. Box Hill Hawks are committed to continuing to work closely with the AFL, VFL clubs and the government and are exploring every avenue to achieve a VFL season in 2020.

Box Hill Hawks are thrilled that a plan to return to training and playing has begun to come together. The club will continue to keep its members, supporters, volunteers up to date with the latest information and connected with the club via digital mediums until restrictions make it possible to connect in person again.  The club would like to thank its members, supporters, sponsors and Whitehorse City Council for their ongoing support throughout this very challenging time for all. 


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