The Box Hill Hawks have named their teams as the VFL enters week three of the Peter Jackson Legendary Finals Series. Both Hawks’ games will be played at North Port Oval on Saturday the 19th of September.

Will Langford, Daniel Howe and James Sicily have all been named in the seniors, who will face Sandringham in a preliminary final. While the development squad will need to defeat Williamstown to cap off an undefeated season with a premiership.

Seniors vs. Sandringham: North Port Oval 2:40pm – Preliminary Final:

B Heatherley Litherland Miles
HB Willsmore Spangher Mirra
C Iles Simpkin O’Rourke
HF Sicily Anderson Whitecross
F O’Brien Grimley Tatupu
R Ceglar Howe Langford.W
Int Gibson Collins Tobin
Pittonet Lock Evans
Lawlor Williams Gordon

Development vs. Williamstown: North Port Oval 11:30am – Grand Final:

B Exon Collins Summers
HB Fisher Gordon Walker
C Lewis Williams Langford.L
HF Tobin Graham Lawlor
F Switkowski McEvoy Jones
R Pittonet Gibson Hardisty
Int Kidd Crocker Monkhorst
Bond Traynor Pell
Murphy Monkhorst Soccio
Franetic Vizzarri Dimasi

Seniors: Last Time We Met – Sandringham 

In a tight and physical contest, it was Box Hill that came out on top with a 23-point victory. Since then, both teams have seen significant changes to their line-ups.

Round 6, 24th May 2015 at Trevor Barker Beach Oval

Box Hill Hawks 14.7 (101)

Sandringham 11.12 (78)

Goals: Sicily 5, Grimley 3, P McEvoy 2, Miles, Lock, Lawlor, Anderson

Best Players: Sicily, Simpkin, Collins, Howe, Litherland, Heatherley

Development: Last Time We Met – Williamstown 

Having played Williamstown three times this season – including a Semi-final two weeks ago – the Seagulls have shown that they can match it with the undefeated Box Hill Hawks. It was the Hawks’ four goal to two last quarter that saw them walk away with a 20-point win.

Semi Final, 5th September at Box Hill City Oval

Box Hill Hawks: 4.1  6.4  8.4  12.9  (81)

Williamstown:   1.1  5.2  7.7  9.7  (61)

Goal Kickers: L. Tobin 2, A. Franetic 2, C. Jones 2, S. Crocker, P. McEvoy, D. Graham, J. Hardisty, J. Soccio, W. Murphy

Best Players: R. Exon, C. Jones, J. Lewis, S. Gibson, L. Langford, L. Tobin


Photo credit: Jenny Owens

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