Round 6 Teams

This week we see a number of inclusions in our VFL squad, welcoming back Kieran Lovell, Jermaine Miller-Lewis and Marc Pittonet when we taken on Werribee on Sunday.

After a bye week, Box Hill are ready and prepared for a challenging game on Sunday against an in form Werribee, whose Senior team are looking to bounce back after a tough loss last week.

In previous matches, Box Hill have struggled with the conditions down in Werribee, finding it difficult to win games so the group will be looking to put the pressure on from the first bounce.

Sunday’s games will take place at Avalon Airport Oval, with Seniors kicking off at 11.40am and Development at 2.40pm.

The Seniors game will also be televised live on Channel 7 for the second time this year, with coverage starting at 11.30am.



B 66. L Langford 34. K Heatherley 65. J Lewis
HB 1. D Mirra 67. A Litherland 42. T Miles
C 40. K Stewart 61. B Whitecross 7. S Iles
HF 20. P Lawlor 77. M Spangher 2. M Lock
F 14. M Warren 32. J Fitzpatrick 37. B Hardwick
R 72. M Pittonet 70. D Willsmore 78. K Lovell
Int 13. N Evans 18. J Soccio 29. S Gibson
12. C Jones 15. T Gordon 21. J Fisher
24. S Switkowski 23. J Walker
23P 11. L Kidd



B 8. A Bond 21. J Fisher 5. M Traynor
HB 23. J Walker 15. T Gordon 29. S Gibson
C 19. B Kilpatrick 66. L Langford 24. S Switkowski
HF 10. L Tobin 12. C Jones 18. J Soccio
F 3. W Murphy 38. L Surman 9. J Summers
R 60. C O’Sullivan 49. A Brolic 13. N Evans
Int 58. L Jeffs 76. J Kidd 16. L Williams
43. S Horner 51. L Cox 52. B Mcintyre
57. J Firns 6. J Sullivan 46. X Dimasi
44. J Nolan 27. S Smith 45. M Canfield
22. M Burt


Photo: Jenny Owens Photography

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