Get to Know Mackenzie Doreian

Get to know second-year Hawk, Mackenzie Doreian!

Nickname: Macca, Ritter, flea

Club supported as a kidHawthorn

Best moment in Junior Footy: Winning U12 Grand Final by 1 point.

Player from another club I’d like to watchRobbie Gray

Favourite AFL player of all timeCyril Rioli

Funniest Teammate: Luke Meadows/ Vincent Adduci

Band/Singer you’d like to see at the Grand Final: Middle Kids or DMAs

If you could swap jobs with someone who would it be: Mark Zuckerberg

Pre-Match superstitions: Wear the same shorts, shoes and socks to ground

Favourite meal before game: Chicken Parmigiana

Favourite thing to do outside of football: Fishing

First thing I’d buy if I won the lottery: A house

Where’s next on travel bucket list: South America

Most treasured possession: My car

Favourite movie: Step Brothers

Favourite TV show: Married at First sight

Best concert attended: DMAs at the forum

What you’d like to do after your footy career: Work in Sport Management and head up a footy department.

As a footballer, how would you like to be remembered: Funny, outgoing and trustworthy.


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