Dimasi: Powerful Addition To The Hawks

New to the Box Hill Hawks team this year, Xavier Dimasi has already made a name for himself around the club.

Dimasi taking on multiple new challenges in his first year out of school. He has become a young leader in the Development side at Box Hill whilst studying a degree in Sports Management and becoming one of the 2015 faces of Box Hill Hawks TV.

In his first year at Box Hill, Dimasi already feels as though he has developed as a person both on and off the field.

“The boys at the club keep you pretty level headed and bring you back down to earth pretty quickly. I think I’ve come out of my shell, if I feel as though something isn’t right, I have the confidence to speak up.”

“Being at a club like Box Hill you learn so much about football, not just the skills needed but the ability to read the play.”

Like many of the players at Box Hill, Dimasi is influenced by the Hawks captain David Mirra.

“My biggest influence at the club would have to be Mirra. He has a good balance with football, work and social life.”

“He knows when to switch on and train hard, working on our weaknesses as a team and individually, but he also sees when there is a time to joke and have a laugh.” 

“He is able to switch off and not take himself so seriously.”

This year Box Hill introduced Box Hill Hawks TV where the players and community are able get involved, have a laugh and get to know the players better of the field.

Dimasi and Tom Gordon have the honor this year of running the program each week.

“Working on Box Hill Hawks TV has been awesome, it’s such an exciting and entertaining segment. Hopefully it is something that can continue.”

After only two episodes, Box Hill Hawks TV has already brought in new followers and fans of the Hawks.

“It promotes our club and gets the wider community involved with the Box Hill Hawks.”

Away from football he is studying Sports Management full time at Latrobe University and in his down time he enjoys “chilling out and playing the piano”.

He has been a stand out so far at Box Hill, being a part of the development side’s incredible undefeated start to the season.

Dimasi has a bright future ahead of him, wanting to play football at the highest level possible and then eventually manage an Australian Football Club.

Get down to Burbank Oval this Sunday to watch Box Hill will take on Williamstown.



Photo credit: Jenny Owens

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