Community Clubs September 27

It’s time for the final instalment of our 2022 Community Clubs pieces. 

Just one last Box Hill listed player to review who played in their local club’s Grand Final. 

Will Sexton lined up in the Ovens and Murray League for the last time in 2022, in the biggest game of the season. He and Yarrawonga faced off with Wangaratta for the Seniors SS&A Cup. 

The Grand Final took place on Sunday afternoon at 2.30pm at Lavington Sports Ground and unfortunately the Yarrawonga boys in blue and white weren’t victorious come game’s end. 

Wangaratta were 11-points ahead at the quarter time break, two goals five to one straight goal. While there were 20 points the difference at half time, 5.8 to 3.0, with Yarrawonga still on the back foot. 

Come the third quarter break it was just five points the difference after Yarrawonga had a five goal to three, third term. While Wangaratta were quite inaccurate in front of goal, with their final score reading 12.14 (86), the term “handy point” rang true when they secured a three-point victory over Sexton and Yarrawonga, 13.5 (83). 

Sexton was a pivotal part of his side’s Grand Final performance. He was named second best on ground for the runners up and kicked a major to contribute on the scoreboard. 

Commiserations to Sexton, and again to the Box Hill boys who went down or out in finals. And congratulations once more to the boys who won finals or the precious silverware. 

And finally a well done to all of our Box Hill boys for their performances with their respective community clubs throughout the 2022 season, lots of development to be proud of. 

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