Community Clubs – 2 April 2024

As the season kicks off, it has been great to see some of the Box Hill boys back playing in their community colours. 

In the Ovens & Murray Football Netball League, Round 1 found Toby Cossor and the Myrtleford Seniors facing a 10 point loss against the North Albury Seniors, 10.12 (72) to 12.10 (82). 

In Round 1 of the Coates Talent League, Iliro Smit and Remy Maclean’s Eastern Rangers team came out on top with a win to start off the season against the Oakleigh Chargers Talent League boys, 13.4 (82) to 7.12 (54). With the excitement of the Eastern Ranges victory, Smit and Maclean were able to both snag a goal each adding to the team’s overall success. 

Looking into Round 2 for the Eastern Ranges, Iliro Smit and Remy Maclean smashed the Northern Knights, defeating them 17.14 (116) to 9.6 (60). Not only did the boys walk away with a huge victory, of those 17 goals, Remi Maclean found himself with 2 goals under his belt! Incredible effort. 

Heading into next week, we’ll see more of the Box Hill boys playing in their local football teams and will give you all the details in next weeks community clubs report. 


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