34-Point loss to Port Melbourne: Development Match Report

Despite a tight first half in the wet and muddy conditions against Port Melbourne on Saturday, the Box Hill Hawks Development Squad were unable to secure a win, with Port Melbourne walking away with a 34-point win at the final siren.

Coming into the second quarter trailing by two points, Box Hill stepped up their pressure on the ball carrier ending the half with a dominant 53-20 tackle count, and a nine-point lead.

The beginning of the third saw the momentum of the game change with Port Melbourne booting three unanswered goals before Matthew Traynor managed to kick Box Hill’s only goal of the second half.

The boys had trouble maintaining possession with Port Melbourne able to press up and apply frontal pressure to the ball carrier. Port were able to move the ball from end to end on multiple occasions which lead to a lop sided inside forward 50 count at the final siren, 48 to 29.

Forcing simple errors from the boys, Port Melbourne were able to kick another two goals in the last quarter, taking home the four points. Speaking to boxhillhawks.com.au, Nick Evans picked up on some key aspects of the game.

‘For us I think it was about adapting to the conditions. When it’s wet you need to just kick it forward and not overuse it as much as we did.’

‘It was more of a mind-set for us, we needed to go back to the basics instead of trying to play a pretty game.’

‘Port Melbourne just didn’t let us get back behind the ball and set up. They linked up well and moved the ball forward quickly which caught us by surprise, they dictated the way the second half was played that’s for sure.’

For Round 13, the Development Squad are back at Box Hill City Oval where they will be taking on the Northern Blues, hoping to snatch another four points.





Box Hill                       2.2 5.4 6.5 6.5 (41)

Port Melbourne           2.4 3.7 8.12 10.15 (75)





Box Hill                       L. Jeffs, L. Langford, M. Traynor, J. Sullivan, X. Dimasi

Port Melbourne           B. Pearson 3, L. Walker, H. Hooper, M. Hayes, D. Beddison, K. Dove, L. Waddell





Box Hill                       L. Cox 26, M. Lock 23, N. Evans 23, L. Jeffs 20, B. McIntyre 18

Port Melbourne           A. Urban 21, L. Walker 19, T. Gordon 18, H. Hooper 18, S. Bennett 17, D. Iaccarino 17



Photo Credit: Jenny Owens Photography

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