Round 19 Teams

Both of Box Hill’s teams will travel to Preston this Saturday to take on the Northern Blues at Preston City Oval. The Development Squad will kick things off at 11:00am, while the Seniors start at 2:00pm.

Patrick Lawlor and Jono O’Rourke both return to the Seniors, while Liam Tobin is named to play his 100th game in the Development Squad.

Round 19 – Seniors vs Northern Blues:

B Duryea Mirra Collins
HB Whitecross Litherland Miles
C Willsmore Howe Simpkin
HF Anderson Iles Sicily
F Grimley Tatupu O’Brien
R Pittonet Langford.W O’Rourke
Int Jones O’Donnell Exon
Lock Fisher Lawlor
Williams Gordon Switkowski

Round 19 – Development vs Northern Blues:

B Gibson Gordon Summers
HB Exon Fisher Walker
C Langford.L O’Donnell Lock
HF Lewis Lawlor Webster
F Franetic McEvoy Switkowski
R Monkhorst Williams Hardisty
Int Pell Murphy Sullivan
Crocker Vizzarri Sheridan-Ferrie
Graham Tobin Kidd
Burt Bond Traynor


Photo credit: Jenny Owens

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