Love the Game Round

The Box Hill Hawks and the VFL will proudly partner with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to launch the 2019 Love the Game Round with this weekend.

The dedicated Round aims to educate the football community in creating a safe and healthy environment and for members to understand the risks associated with gambling.

The Round acts as a reminder for parents and role models, including coaches, teachers and relatives, to talk to young people about the risks and consequences of gambling, so they love the game, not the odds.

Betting and sport don’t have to go together.

Prolific gambling advertising can make it seem like sports betting is a normal part of sport or that you need to bet on sport to make it interesting. In fact, 75 per cent of kids aged 8–16 who watch sport think betting on matches is normal.

When something is normal, it doesn’t seem risky, which is why The Love the Game round is the ideal time to remind parents and other role models to have ‘the talk’ with the young people in their lives.

The round is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all the great moments this season and talk to young people in our lives about the risks and consequences of gambling.

For more information, visit or join the conversation on social media using #LoveTheGame.

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