Hawks crush Coburg in colossal 160-point victory

By Alysia Thomas-Sam | Photo by Jenny Owens

The AFL Development squad dismantled Coburg quarter by quarter as they commanded play across the ground for the entire match grabbing the win and top spot from a healthy 17.51% boost on the ladder.

Nik Papadopoulos was in the right spot at the right time during his 13 disposals as he booted a formidable 6 goals, which was influential in the final scoreline, Box Hill 30.15 (195) to Coburg 4.11 (35).

“The players actually came with a really good mindset so it was going to be a fierce contest and they said it was going to be a fierce contest and they did it,” Development Coach Kevin Collins described how the massive win came about.

The lopsided affair began early with Brandon Wood slicing a major in the first few minutes of the match to kick off the day and the first of his four.

Coburg couldn’t manage to push the ball successfully their way against the Hawks’ relentless attack and control of possession.

Through the boots of Wood, Papadopoulos, Peter McEvoy and Sam Crocker the Hawks secured the first 8 goals of the match to carry a momentous 53-point lead into the first break.

And the difference just kept getting greater. Despite the Lions’ clear desire to lift early in the second term, Box Hill’s defensive structure was essentially impenetrable, which set up play down the ground.

Sam Crocker was the chief in defense as he consistently marked and moved the ball on to his teammates to keep the footy in Box Hill’s favour. As the Hawks capitlised on their opportunities moving forward they created an unbeatable 87-point gap.

The third term was the Hawks’ best for the afternoon across all factors of the game. They defensively disallowed the Lions from scoring with their only goal of the quarter occurring in the closing seconds while going forward they built upon their lead by 8 goals.

Pat Lawlor filled in space and used his vision exceedingly well up the ground, his 24 kicks, 6 handballs and 9 marks were essential in the Hawks’ victory.

Although the Hawks had the match all sewn up with a 131-point advantage by the final changeover, this didn’t disturb their domination in the fourth quarter as they continued to go from strength to strength.

“Our rucks controlled the air and then our on ballers were really good at ground level,” Collins explained.

“We didn’t let up all day, we went for four quarters.”

The Hawks displayed impressive consistency from the first bounce to the final in the fourth term with their ability to maintain and grow their lead as the game went on. Simultaneously, they managed to lay enough pressure onto their visitors to hold them to a single goal for each quarter.

Collins’ main objective from here on out is to conserve their place in the top end of the ladder and prepare for the finals.

“We can’t afford to drop to third, you know, we really don’t want to and we know that all good clubs right through have all of their list playing in finals,” he said.

Final Score: Box Hill 30.15 195 defeated Coburg 4.11 35

Goal Kickers:  N. Papadopoulos 6, B. Wood 4, P. McEvoy 3, C. Cassidy 2, M. Northe 2, A. Franetic 2, J. Walker 2, J. Soccio 2, J. Summers 2, S. Crocker, M. O”Donnell, K. Post, T. Miles, Z. Webster

Best Players: N. Papadopoulos, B. Wood, J. Soccio, S. Crocker, P. Lawlor, S. Gibson


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