Welcome to Fenjiu Stadium!

Box Hill Hawks have unveiled a three-year partnership with Fuja Fenjiu, that will see us refer to Box Hill City Oval as Fenjiu Stadium until at least the end of 2026. 

Club President Ed Sill made the announcement at our 2024 Season Launch last week. 

“It’s great to be back here with all of you at what we can now announce as Fenjiu Stadium. 

“We’ve been talking to the guys from Fenjiu for quite a period of time now, they are a really fun bunch and will definitely bring some excitement and flair to a lot of our functions.

They’ve been passionate football supporters for a good 10-15 years so it’s a partnership that we really see gaining some traction.

They brought their own atmosphere to the room tonight which is fantastic. 

It’s a three year deal and we’re looking to really ensure that that relationship is a very positive one for both ourselves and Fenjiu.” 

Fenjiu is all about celebration, sharing a drink with friends and family. Traditionally enjoyed neat at room temperature but also very popular as an ingredient in cocktails. 

We look forward to welcoming all existing or new members and supporters to Fenjiu Stadium Box Hill, this season and beyond.

Our first home game at Fenjiu Stadium, will be in Round 3 for our VFLW clash with Collingwood on Saturday April 6, 12.05pm.

You can find Fuja Fenjiu on Facebook HERE or on Instagram HERE.

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