Dimasi’s Second Year in the Brown and Gold

Box Hill Hawks player Xavier Dimasi’s football journey began at the tender age of just four, and he has never really looked back.

“I was about four and started playing just because Dad kind of wanted me to, just like everyone else.”

“I played juniors at Kilmore Junior Football Club until U16’s, and then my last year at U18’s I went to the Seniors.”

Dimasi arrived at Box Hill in 2015, and this year is continuing to endeavor for a spot in the Seniors side.

“My big goal this year is to play Senior footy. Obviously I missed out last year on the Seniors gig, so I’m really striving to play as much regular footy in the Seniors as I can.”

To help him prepare for a game, Dimasi has a very specific routine, and always involves a trip to see family before a match.

“I normally have a bowl of Nonna’s pasta. She’s a good lady so I try and get to her place before the game. I also try and have an ice bath.”

“My favourite pump up songs at the moment are Time is Dancing by Ben Howard, which is a bit of a strange one, and Only Love by Mumford and Sons, so I get those going as well.

Dimasi also names Richmond footballer Dustin Martin as a player who he aims to model his game off, a clear favourite as a Richmond supporter.

“Someone like Dusty is who I aspire to play like.”

“I’m a Richmond supporter as all of Mum’s side is Hawthorn and Dad was the only Richmond supporter so I chose Dad. I don’t know why but I just went with Dad. I sort of felt sorry for him.”

Players at Box Hill are also a big influence on Dimasi in and around the club, and label a few as having really made an impact.

“Billy Murphy is a big influence. We’re pretty close. I would also say Dave Mirra, and I’ve also got a good connection with guys like Soccio and Fisher.”

Dimasi’s connection with Murphy also continues off-field, with their partnership in the newly formed BMF Strength and Conditioning.

“It’s a lot of Bill and I’m just kind of helping out a little bit. He sort of needs a brain in the business so I thought I might join him because he’s a bit of an airhead sometimes, so I’m just helping out at the moment and we’ve got a few things in place.”

In addition to helping Murphy with his new business, Dimasi has currently deferred a new university offer, which will see him combine his passion for sport with a new area.

“I was offered a double degree at Australian Catholic University, but I’ve deferred that for this year, and it’s in Exercise Science and Teaching.”

Outside of footy and work and study, Dimasi has a keen interest in golf, and uses it as a way to take his mind off of footy.

“I like to play golf a lot and I try and get out on the course. If I’m just thinking about footy I just try and get out of my head.”

“Also to then just relax I’ll go and see my grandparents or go and see a relative. I talk to Dad a little bit about my footy, not a heap, because I sort of know myself if it’s not going my way, so I just try and get away from footy for a bit.”

Looking forward to this weekend’s match against Coburg, Dimasi is particularly excited to get out on the field.

“I have a lot of old mates in the side. They’re affiliated with Calder Cannons so I’ve got a lot of mates playing there, so I’ll probably cop a good earful like I did last year.”

“It sort of fires me up a little bit and drives me, but I’ve got a bit of stick on them as well. I’ll just try and go out there and stay focused.”

Also being the ANZAC Round for the competition, there is meaning and importance for all the Box Hill boys.

“The bigger picture has significance for all the boys even though there may be no personal connection. For a lot of us we just reflect on what we can and think about those who served before us.”

The sense of camaraderie between the players is definitely going to play a part in this weekend’s game against Coburg, something that is resonant with the ANZAC spirit.

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