2022 Leadership Group Confirmed

The Box Hill Hawks are pleased to confirm our leadership group for the 2022 season.

Hugh Beasley made the announcement to the playing group this past Saturday, settling on three deputies to support him in his maiden campaign as Mustangs’ skipper.

The four man group is comprised of Beasley as Captain, with Fergus Greene, Stu Horner and Cal Porter his lieutenants.

Beasley, Greene and Horner were three of the five man group lead by Damian Mascitti last season, while Porter has been added to the mix following an impressive 2021 at City Oval in which the tenacious, hard-nosed utility won admirers on and off-field.

“Stu is a fantastic leader and, as the longest-serving active Box Hill Hawk, someone who has lived and represents the Club’s culture of patience, selflessness and hard work,” Beasley said.

“I had the privilege of playing shoulder-to-shoulder with him in our backline last year and figured out very quickly why he’s held in such high regard internally.

“Ports’ always sets a great example for the group both on and off-field. He trains at a high level week in, week out and is an absolute warrior for this footy club.

“Importantly, he has a great ability to galvanise people with his energy and positivity. He’s such a warm, welcoming guy and puts everyone around him at ease.

“And then there’s Ferg, who is a unique character. Much like ‘Ports’, he’s able to shift gears between silly and serious very quickly. He’ll have you laughing one moment, then listening intently the next.

“He’s got a fantastic understanding of the game and is a terrific resource for myself and the group.”

Beasley spoke of the wealth of leadership the Club has at its disposal following the announcement.

“I think it’s important to acknowledge the quality of established and emerging leadership we have in this group,” Beasley said.

“I’m so confident in what Stu, Ferg and Ports will bring to this group and how they’ll help me, but we’ll be helped by an additional layer of leadership under us.

“The likes of Ben Cavarra, Jordan Cunico, Mason De Wit, James Parsons, Ed Phillips and Jaylon Thorpe are all wonderful leaders in their own right and each provide a different skillset and perspective.

“A title won’t define leaders or leadership at Box Hill in 2022, nor will it limit who can and can’t lead.”

Further, Beasley paid tribute to those who’ve come before him, recognising their efforts in creating the footing from which he, Horner, Greene and Porter will operate.

“The reason this leadership group inherits a really strong culture is because of those who’ve come before us. They established the foundation we’re so fortunate to inherit.

“That’s something for which the Club owes a great deal to the likes of David Mirra, Andrew Moore and Damian Mascitti.

“I firmly believe that’s what will hold us in greatest stead: not just the four of us operating in isolation, but an environment that encourages and empowers leadership in all players throughout the squad.

“So it’s up to me, Stu, Ferg and Ports to maintain that legacy through our time in the roles, which will serve the Club in 2022 and beyond.”

On that, Beasley will work closely with Leadership Coach Kristan Height and Head of Academy David Banfield, two former Club Captains, to cultivate the next wave of leaders via the ‘Spread Your Wings’ program.

“It’s a wonderful initiative and something I’m keen to contribute to.

“Ultimately, the aim is to ensure when we transition out of these roles the next generation can step up and know they’re ready to do so.

“More, we want them to feel comfortable to use these skills outside the Box Hill bubble. Whether that’s at work, in school or at their local clubs.

“So it’s an important program that will, hopefully, impact a lot of people really positively.”

The Club continues to prepare for it’s first pre-season hit-out for 2022, which is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of February 26-27.

Our previously published practice match schedule is currently under review. We will provide an updated fixture in due course.

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