Match Report: Hawks vs Werribee Tigers

It was a tough game at Box Hill City Oval against the Werribee Tigers. Werribee getting on top of the Hawks to claim victory by five points.

The game kicked off in the rain, a muddy midfield making it a difficult one.

The first quarter saw Werribee take the lead, setting the tone of the game.

The second Quarter was a game of points. Both teams failing to put a goal on the scoreboard, in a never ending, 34 minute uneventful quarter.

The second half both teams picked it up. Goal after goal by the Hawks players Sicily and Williams, anyone would have thought the Hawks had taken control of the game.

Werribee were quick to respond, equalling the Hawks goals kicked, then adding more to the board.

Werribee took the lead into the last quarter by a comfortable 19 points.

The Box Hill Hawks captain David Mirra said the third quarter time huddle was focused on the ball movement down the field, “playing on and getting the ball into our forward 50 as quickly as possible to give our forwards the best chance”.

The address from coach Marco proved effective. The Hawks coming back into the game determined, kicking three goals in the final stages, taking the lead for the first time of the day.

Gordon was first to put the ball through middle posts, Grimley and Howe following up with set shot goals.

Gordon was a standout throughout the game, wearing his opponent Majak Daw like a glove.

The Hawks lead was short lived, as Werribee responded with a goal.

Willsmore had a shot at goal after the siren, a chance to win the game for the Hawks, but the ball slightly crept to the side for a behind.

“I was disappointed that we lost the game we probably should have won in the end,” Mirra said.

“We tended to stick to one side of the ground and not open up enough and our inside 50s let us down in the end.”

The Hawks players taking a lot from the game to work on before they face up against Essendon next week.

“Our ball movement is something we will have to focus on this week at training, being composed with the footy and not bombing it in.”

Werribee Tigers secured the win over the Hawks, final scores Hawks 6.15 (51) to Werribee’s 8.8 (56).

Goals: Hale, Sicily, Williams, Gordon, Grimley and Howe.

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