Box Hill Hawks Stand Tall against the North Ballarat Roosters

Box Hill managed to grab another four points over the weekend with a 27-point victory over the North Ballarat Roosters.

In less than ideal conditions, the match got off to a fumbling start with both teams struggling to get their hands to the ball and after a disappointing 5-point loss in 2015, the Roosters came onto the field hungry for a win.

The energy from the Roosters was matched by Box Hill, coming off the back of a bye, the boys led in nearly all aspects of the game racking up 114 disposals in the first quarter to Ballarat’s 76. Having control of the ball resulted in Box Hill opening up a 21-point lead by the end of the first quarter.

Heading into the second quarter, the rain made its first appearance slowing down the game and 22 minutes in, each team only had one goal apiece. With Box Hill struggling to maintain their structures in the wet weather, North Ballarat soon showed that they would not be brushed aside keeping the ball inside their forward 50, 17-9.

Box Hill’s defensive line let the ball get over the back of them but managed to run down the ball, limiting North Ballarat’s scoring opportunities to ensure that Box Hill still maintained a 17 point lead at half time.

Following the main break, North Ballarat intensified their efforts and maintained possession of the ball for most of the third quarter. With the game hanging in the balance, Box Hill had trouble getting a foot on the ball, missing a number of set shots from the inside 50.

Box Hill’s saving grace was their tackling pressure. With 29 tackles laid down to Ballarat’s nine, the boys showed superior pressure on the ball leading to goals from Liam Kidd and Jake Summers keeping the scoreboard in Box Hill’s favor. Summers made his mark on the match and despite the slippery conditions managed to take an incredible hanging mark finishing the day with two goals to his name.

With the game drawing to a close, the pressure seemed to be getting to Box Hill. Missing set shots and creating turnovers inside their forward 50 led to the boys ending the quarter with seven behinds to Ballarat’s four.

With equal time spent in both teams forward 50, Box Hill became more efficient with the ball. Managing to put a mark on the scoreboard 11 of the 12 times Box Hill was inside their 50 kept them in the lead and by the final siren; Box Hill had secured the win.

With another home game coming up this Saturday against the Northern Blues, Box Hill is eager to put another win to their name.




Box Hill                             4.4 6.8 8.11 12.18 (90)

North Ballarat              1.1 4.3 6.5 9.9 (63)



Box Hill                             P. Lawlor 2, J. Summers 2, D. Mirra, M. Warren, L. Kidd, J. O’Rourke, J. Brand, B. Hardwick, J. Soccio, C. Jones

North Ballarat              S. Hooper 2, A. Hooper 2, L. Kiel, L. George, M. Eagles, L. Cassidy, T. Schnerring



Box Hill                             K. Lovell 31, D. Mirra 29, S Iles 26, B. Whitecross 24, M. Warren 21

North Ballarat              N. Rippon 38, L. Kiel 22, L. George 22, C. Schache 21, O. Tate 20



Box Hill                             A. Litherland, P. Lawlor, K. Lovell, C. Jones, M. Warren, D. Mirra

North Ballarat              O. Stephenson, L. George, R. Marshall, N. Rippon, L. Kiel, T. Templeton



Photo Credit: Jenny Owens Photography

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